A ground-breaking new programme focused on unlocking and commercialising digital innovation Whether you work in marketing, development, innovation, finance or sales – get the tools you need to transform your ideas into reality and trigger cultural change. Supported by Google, designed around and created exclusively by the Innovation Academy. This fully immersive, best in-class innovation curriculum is facilitated by the best in-market practitioners.

  • Strong innovation curriculum
  • Learning with impact: Exercises based on real case studies and culminating in a team pitch to a leading industry panel
  • Deep dive sessions: With innovation experts who have pioneered and succeeded inside their companies
  • Sustained engagement: With learning brought about by small group approach, while moving through the innovation process

Rody Vonk

Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator on Innovation, Serious Creativity and Design Thinking   Rody Vonk has been working as an entrepreneur for over fifteen years. He started his working life as a creative concept developer in advertising agencies. Over the years he moved over to developing marketing and communication concepts and strategies for various companies and projects. Currently Rody uses his creative background to develop disruptive ideas and strategies for organisations that get stuck in their daily routine or projects. The learnings from these assignments are welcome examples and sources of inspiration in his trainings, workshops and presentations on serious creativity and innovation. In his programs and presentations Rody Vonk helps his audiences to develop the right mindset and skills needed for innovation. Using tools and techniques from design thinking and lean startup, he takes participants and audiences on an innovation detour. A critical look at what the real problem is that needs to be solved, ideation sessions that inspire people to come up with those extreme ideas as food for disruption and a human-centered approach to stay on track with reality are part of this journey. Rody trained, inspired and coached a great variety of people, anywhere from board room members of national banks to university and high school students in startup bootcamps, innovation projects and trainings on solving (social) issues. Some of the clients Rody has worked for are:
  • MTN Ghana (telecommunications)
  • Police Organization Netherlands
  • Rabobank (national bank)
  • Dutch/Belgian Language Union
  • City of Leiden
  • University of Leiden
Furthermore Rody is affiliated with Speakers Academy, the biggest Dutch booking agency for speakers, coaches and trainers. He regularly publishes blogs and podcasts on innovation and creativity and is part of the Expert Podcast Network of the Dutch commercial radio station Business News Radio.