To harness the work done and increase productivity in organisations, it is essential to understand how to manage business processes. Our business process improvement training courses explore the need for managing business procedures and how process modelling, mapping and analysis are all parts of a larger framework for achieving higher quality through Business Process Management and Improvement.

While undergoing Informa’s business process training, you will explore the essential steps to process mapping and the critical success factors of continuously improving your operations. The BPM certification course provides a practical framework for you to understand and model business processes, and describes how to develop and continuously improve a variety of process types.

Business process modelling is mainly used to map a workflow so you can understand, analyse and make positive changes to that workflow or procedure. The usage of diagrams helps you to visualise this task and make better decisions. During this highly interactive, high-energy four-day business process improvement certification course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills to accurately model business processes at both, the enterprise as well as detailed workflow levels.

The business process management course also provides a step-by-step approach to effectively analyse processes to ensure that business process models accurately reflect reality and include stakeholder requirements. Short, focused presentations combined with practical learning workshop sessions are used to explain the concepts.

During these sessions, the knowledge gained is applied to real-world examples and case studies. Rapid learning of the methods and techniques is achieved by means of group work, participant discussion, facilitator interaction and case studies.

The concepts and content of this course are based on years of best practice gleaned from hands-on experience in Business Processes Management & Improvement (BPMI) within various industries and subject matter domains across commercial and public sectors. This course is your roadmap for developing your BPMI professional skills.

Amin M. Issa

Amin M. Issa is an accomplished senior professional with over 35 years of experience. He has held senior leadership positions like Quality Assurance and Processes Director, Head of Sales and Customer Relations, and Head of PMO and Transformation in international organisations like United Arab Shipping Company, Lloyds Register, and Orange Telecom Group. He possesses experience in diversified fields, including quality and business process management and improvement, design and execution of transformation programmes, customer relations, deployment of Balanced Scorecards, product and services launches, change management and improvement through Six Sigma, Sigma Lean and project management through leadership of the PMO Office and COPC deployment in customer service.

Amin has a strong background in programme development and Business Processes Management and Improvement (BPMI) with an outstanding history of managing projects from initial conception, through development, to implementation. He is a Certified Surveyor/Industrial Inspector, Lead Auditor, Trainer, Six Sigma Project Manager, and a COPC Registered Coordinator.

Amin has outstanding communication talent with proven abilities to build and lead highly efficient teams, train technical and non-technical personnel, and convey complex concepts in understandable terms.

Below is a list of some of his professional certifications:

  • Certified Surveyor – Lloyds Register
  • Lead Quality Assurance Auditor and Trainer – Lloyds Register
  • Certified Lead Auditor for International Ship Management Standard – Lloyds Register
  • Certified Senior Examiner for the Excellence Programs – King Abdullah II award for excellence
  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt – Orange Group
  • Certified COPC Practitioner – COPC Inc.
  • KPI Professional (KPI-P) – Balanced Scorecards Institute