We all understand the importance for our enterprises to operate in most efficient and effective manner. In the recent past we have been through recessions hitting time and again.

We have seen big companies go down. We have witnessed smaller operations vanish. Yet we have alson seen a few surprises, sometimes with unexpected outcomes, some companies appeared to have been able to take the blows and survive the harsh business environment they have been exposed to easier than others.

Joseph Camilleri

Joseph Camilleri is a Trainer at BEAT, an organisation supporting clients to optimise performance through strategic and operational reviews, whilst priding itself on its strong implementation expertise in business process transformation, change management, project management and project commercialisation solutions in the public and private sectors, both in its base location Malta and overseas. Joseph is an Engineer by profession with a strong focus on organisational effectiveness and cost reduction programmes through the application of lean methodologies and strategic human resource development.

His 28-year career is built within manufacturing entities operating in the medical devices and the generic pharma sectors. The cost constraints within these sectors have enabled Joseph to develop a solid understanding on the structured elimination of waste activities while maximising value-adding activities. In this aspect, Joseph has participated in various training including experiencing the Kawasaki Production System (Akashi, Japan) and in-house training in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma leading to a certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Throughout his career, Joseph has had direct responsibilities for manufacturing, facilities engineering, warehousing, and cost reduction programmes and currently he serves as the Human Resources Director of a generic pharmaceutical operation in Malta.

Ing. Joseph Micallef

Ing. Joseph Micallef is COO at BEAT, an organisation that supports clients in optimising performance through strategic and operational reviews, whilst priding itself on its strong implementation expertise in Business Process Transformation, Change Management, Project Management and Project Commercialisation Solutions, in the public and private sectors, both in its base location Malta, and overseas. Joseph is an engineer by profession, with a particular penchant for guiding organisations along the road leading to operational effectiveness, value-adding activities, and customer-centric, high-quality performance through business excellence processes.

His career, originating in manufacturing, involved his engagement along a very broad spectrum of industrial processes, which later expanded to encompass the services sectors. Within the manufacturing industry, Joe has occupied various senior management roles in Research and Development, Quality Management and Health and Safety. His corporate career developed primarily through the medical devices industry, and later within the high-tech electronics industry. Since 1999 he diverged his attention to consultancy, later co-founding BEAT.

A regular speaker and facilitator at various conferences, workshops and seminars in Europe and the Middle East, Joseph is a member of several engineering institutions such as the Chamber of Engineers (Malta), The Institute of Engineering and Technology (UK), the European Federation of National Engineering Institutions (FEANI), a registered Chartered Engineer through the Engineering Council in the UK, and served as an active board member on the Malta Engineering Board between 2012 and 2016.

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