This course features discussions, case studies and exercises to improve delegates’ understanding of customer experience, measuring and monitoring customer expectations, designing effective questionnaires and other tools to help them stay ahead of their competition.

Alan Power

Alan Power has extensive experience developing strategies for improving the customer experience. This experience, mostly gained in the finance sector, led the University of Leicester to invite him to join their Quality Excellence faculty where he wrote and delivered a module on Customer Service Measurement for a Masters Degree programme; this course has its origins in that programme.

Alan regards customer service as the key element of a quality strategy – a strategy that seeks to deliver breakthrough improvements for the customer – and he has worked as a quality practitioner for nearly 25 years. He first became aware of the Total Quality movement in 1986, while he was Personnel Director of Mortgage Express, a UK home loans company. It was there that he launched his first quality management programme.

As a result of the success of that programme Alan was invited to set up a new company, TSB Homeloans Ltd., the home loans arm of TSB Bank, a UK retail bank now part of the Lloyds Banking Group. The company was established in Scotland during 1989 and Alan was Managing Director until the merger of TSB Bank plc with Lloyds Bank plc in 1997.

During the period of Alan’s tenure as Managing Director, TSB Homeloans won the following awards:

  • The Digital Quality Award (1993)
  • The Quality Scotland Prize for Business Excellence (1994)
  • The Quality Scotland Award for Business Excellence (1996)
  • In addition, Mortgage Express Ltd won the British Quality Award in 1996

Prior to taking up his general management role Alan had some 20 years’ experience in senior roles in human resource development. As a result Alan is a highly effective presenter and facilitator. Following the merger of TSB Bank Ltd with Lloyds Bank plc Alan was appointed Head of Quality Management, responsible for establishing and deploying business excellence throughout the organisation.