Payroll costs are a major expense in all organisations and are often the highest expense in service businesses. The cost of employing people is more than just their salary; it includes employment costs, government costs, and benefits for employees. That being said, payroll management is a key strategic skill and extremely valuable to an organisation.

The objective of this course is to address the efficient management of payroll costs by ensuring that you define and implement sufficient processes and controls. The course will also cover: the interface with all parts of an organisation, including operational, HR and finance departments, the preparation of payrolls, and the reporting of payroll costs to the relevant managers. You will explore the requisites of managing the payroll department, and the accounting and audit requirements. The course will help you understand the gamut of skills required for successful management of a payroll department, including important confidentiality of information and relevant reporting, in addition to budgeting and planning for future payroll costs.

David Pugh

David is a Chartered Accountant with a varied career path covering financial management positions. David gained an honours degree in economics and accounting at Leeds University, and then qualified with Deloitte & Co in the city of London. He then worked for a public shipping and logistics company for 19 years progressing through various financial roles in the UK, Australia, USA, Holland, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain. The operations covered not just logistics, but also energy, distribution of oil and gas, freight forwarding, agencies and warehousing. His roles spanned all areas of financial responsibility and customer negotiations, culminating as Divisional Finance Director.

David then moved to the food sector where he held senior positions and participated in two management buyouts. He has also performed many financial interim roles in different organisations.

David is the Chairman of two audit committees, Director of an institute, and Chairman of a tax group. He is also a Director of private companies and has his own accountancy practice providing accountancy and tax services to a range of clients.

As well as lecturing on financial training in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Far East, his other lecturing experience has been to technical tax groups and start-up organisations. His presentation experience has been enhanced by making internal and external presentations during his career.

David’s style of presentation is to demystify the areas of finance and to explain the concepts in a stimulating and interesting way. He encourages participation and discussion and has the advantage of having been there and done it, and so can approach issues from a practical viewpoint drawing on his experience.

He delivers a wide range of subjects such as: Finance for Non-Financial Managers; Financial Analysis and Evaluation; Strategic Financial and Management Accounting; Budgeting, Forecasting and Cost Control; Modern Accounting; Internal Auditing; Financial and Strategic Decision Making; Risk Management; Capital Structure; Cost of Capital; Capital Management; Management of Debtors/Creditors/Stock; Capital Budgeting/ Rationing; Internal Audit Planning, Preparation, Reporting and Communication; Evaluating Risk; Costing Techniques; and Sustaining Competitive Advantage.