All great business leaders agree on one thing – that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people. Yet most leaders take a very unscientific approach to talent acquisition. This course will explore how you can take the risk out of hiring, by adopting the idea that past behaviour is a brilliant indicator of future performance.

Too often organisations hire incorrectly. They base their hiring upon trying to hire a mirror image of the previous incumbent or on a job description that is out of date or hopelessly ineffective. Effective hiring begins with identifying the qualities of individuals most likely to succeed in the organisation and by defining the results that you require from the role. Attitudes and behaviours are key.

Competency-based recruitment provides a roadmap and a clear guide to finding the right candidates for your roles. Used by some of the world’s greatest organisations, competency-based recruitment will revolutionise the way you hire.

Scott Hutchinson
Training, Coaching, Consulting

Scott Hutchinson is a fully qualified international consultant, coach, trainer and mentor, trained by the modern leaders in coaching, Performance Consultants International. He is currently advising on recruitment/talent management across several sectors, including professional services, technology, oil and FMCG manufacturing, with diverse clients including Coca Cola and Informa Middle East.

Scott has spent 20 years finding leaders for the UK consumer sector, including including 75 of the UK’s top 100 consumer companies. He has worked for international headhunting firm (TMP Worldwide) as well as had his own award-winning recruitment businesses.

Scott is an exponent of the value of “marginal gains” and the GROW model of coaching, both of which are used extensively and successfully throughout consulting, coaching and training careers. He is fascinated by what makes people excel, about why some teams and individuals achieve more and (more importantly) how they do it. He is obsessed with staff retention, effective team building and leadership.