Emotional intelligence is now recognised as an essential skill required for success in business leadership and relationships. The motivation behind this course focuses on the need to encourage business professionals to understand themselves and their abilities. It explains and then unfolds beyond the theory, to help attendees focus on developing within their own organisation, and progress towards their maximum effectiveness.

John Alan Davis
Founder and Managing Director, Scott Davis Management

John Alan Davis is an excellent strategy consultant, outstanding facilitator and intelligent negotiator with extensive international operational experience.

He is Founder and Managing Director of Scott Davis Management, a company which has provided executive management development programmes for more than 12 years.

His expertise is in designing and delivering executive management development programmes and seminars for CEOs, Senior/Executive Vice Presidents, and senior and middle management to achieve real success. As a Senior Associate with Informa he has achieved a reputation for developing high levels of business competence and organisational skill for major companies, such as Qatar Foundation and Ooredoo.

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17 Nov 19 - 18 Nov 19 USD 2495 USD 2745 USD 2995