How does effective business writing deliver value for you and your business?

Many professionals spend up to three hours each day trying to express themselves in writing only to produce reports, memos and other correspondence that have little impact. The success of your business relies on getting your message across to your audience whether they are your customers or the people who work for you.

You rely on your basic writing skills to deliver results time after time. The ILM Endorsed Effective Business Writing course will help you to develop your skills further and learn how to write more effectively. The first part of the course will help you structure successful emails and letters that you will find valuable and useful in your professional life. The course then moves into tackling more advanced report writing skills. This is your best opportunity to develop your writing skills and make sure that your message is getting through accurately, clearly and simply.

With interesting case studies to practise on, you will find the ideas and inspiration to raise your written communication to the next level.

Anne McDougall
Innovate Through Training and Development (ITTD), UK and UAE

Anne McDougall conducts learning programmes and solves organisations' challenges for clients in Africa, China, Europe, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

A motivational trainer and speaker, Anne is well known for her Communications and Management Skills programmes.

She has a Master's Degree in Learning and Development from the University of Sheffield in the UK and knows exactly how to build confidence and get people to access their true potential.

Her courses are fun! How else can people learn?

By giving delegates "simple tools for busy people", she enables them to persuade, negotiate, influence and build trust with colleagues and clients. This trust, in turn, enables teams to work together constructively, solve problems, cooperate to provide great products and services for their customers.

Anne is a qualified Voice and Speech coach and helps people improve their vocal technique, control nerves, write scripts and hold an audience of one to a thousand totally enthralled. As a presenter herself, she uses the skills daily.

Memberships of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and the Association for Talent Development (ATD) keep Anne up to date with all the developments in her field. Her clients can be assured that all her material includes the latest research and developments in the subjects she is presenting.

Her book "Brain Teasers for Trainers", published by Gower, has been a great success world wide. And her second book, " Writing Emails And Letters ", which is being published by Amazon was written for second language writers and speakers.

Anne's clients range from Novartis in China to the large oil and gas companies in the Middle East, the telecom companies of Africa and Egypt to the European Commission in Brussels.