This course draws on global experience and is designed to provide you with a full background of the financial aspects of commercial and residential real estate investment and development. Important methodologies – including how to calculate returns, how they are financed, and how to successfully analyse development cashflows, leases and risk – all aimed at understanding how to invest and sell profitably will be explored within this course.

You will gain a thorough understanding of the valuation process, as well as explore the principles behind financing a project. This will include a review of the different financial instruments, how they can be used and their impact on the overall performance of the real estate project.

To maximise this learning opportunity, practical simulation exercises have been included throughout the course. Please be sure to bring your own laptop to ensure you can take part in these exercises to help link theory with practical systems and reinforce the understanding of the material presented.

Dr. Julian Spencer Roche
Finance Training Consultant
Australia And UK

From an old real estate family in the UK, Dr. Julian Roche worked as an economist for DCI McGraw-Hill and as a partner in a real estate development company with US investments before launching his own real estate consultancy specialising in global data provision. Later he spent five years as a senior consultant to a venture capital company in the UK, where he advised on corporate structure, flotations, trade sales and business valuations. He has also published several books on real estate derivatives and business valuations, and has presented real estate courses internationally for over 10 years.