The course will provide you with the skills and insights to develop strategy and resolve organisational issues, understand yourself and others and then to expand and capitalise on the learned skills to operate more effectively in your management teams.

You will learn the importance of flexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement using a well-balanced approach, and that awareness, thinking styles, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence and cultural matters are important in guiding both yourself and others towards success, creating smart people and people-smart strategies.

John A. Davis
Founder and Managing Director
Scott Davis Management

John Alan Davis is an excellent strategy consultant, outstanding facilitator and intelligent negotiator with extensive international operational experience, which he has linked to global marketing capabilities and technical awareness. He is Founder and Managing Director of Scott Davis Management, a company which has provided executive management development programmes for more than 12 years.

His creative heritage started as a Development Engineer in the aerospace industry for Plessey Dynamics, which grew into a passion for strategy development through sales with INA into market management in WR Grace on food packaging and then as Marketing Planning Manager for SKF. As their Marketing Director in the UK, he was responsible for business strategy to grow market share, business planning and financial strategy for profit. After a global strategy role on automotive components for SKF in Gothenburg, he became Marketing Director for the Middle East and Africa developing financial and distribution strategies to again grow market share and profitability. Following that role as Chief Executive for the number two bearing company FA’G, his responsibility for strategy and business development produced high growth.

From a competitive fast-moving, strategy-focused background, John naturally turned to people development; first with ‘Strategy And Marketing In Business Management’ for Management Centre Europe in Brussels, then ‘Competitive Strategy’ and ‘Strategies For Change’ for the Institute of Bankers in Pakistan.

In 2002, he became one of Informa’s Senior Associates creating ‘Strategic Skills For Senior Managers’ a series of very successful public courses attracting Mobily, Sabic, Saudi Hollandia, NBK, SABB and Qatar Petrochem, Hadida, Markaz and others – followed by a ‘Strategic Skills Forum’ and ‘Strategic Thinking And Planning’ for Qatar Foundation and ‘Strategic Thinking’ for ADFCA. The courses ‘Strategy – To Enhance Business Focus’ proved a big success for Brasil Foods, and ‘Strategic Thinking And Analysis’ for Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation and the new public programmes ‘Aligning Budgeting With Strategy’ completed a natural progression towards the middle of 2014.

Now, with a passion for helping managers in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the greater Middle East, John brings a new dynamic focus to the Strategic Business Planning course adapting strategy to location and to business model, with an innovative approach and cutting edge case studies.

His personal expertise in designing and delivering strategy, leadership and management development programmes and seminars for CEOs, Senior and Executive Vice Presidents, and senior and middle management has achieved a strong reputation in the Middle East.