KPI and performance measurement development is a discipline that involves articulating what an organization is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and useful indicators of success. Performance measures, or KPIs, are a key part of any strategic management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of strategy implementation.

Meaningful and strong KPIs provide insight into whether strategies are working, whether programs, projects and services are on schedule, on budget, and delivered effectively. KPIs focus employees' attention on what matters most to success, and allow for measurement of accomplishments.

The KPI P program helps participants who are working to find meaningful KPIs, get true buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy, and use measures to drive improvement to reach targets. This program is designed for all sectors—business and industry, government and non-profit.

The KPI professional certification program provides participants with practical tools to developing meaningful strategic and operational performance measures, and then develop their skills through a series of practical application exercises. Delegates are taught how to use several tools, including the logic model and cause and effect, that are used by organizations around the world.

Strategy Management Group (SMG) provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations worldwide. SMG applies best practice gained from hundreds of consulting assignments and over 5,000 trainees in strategy management, strategic planning, KPI development, Balanced Scorecard, strategic performance management and measurement, and change management to help executives, managers and analysts transform their organizations into "performance excellence" organizations. SMG also provides customized governance and leadership development services to Boards with fiduciary and/or advisory responsibility for helping their organizations to be successful. SMG clients and certified practitioners learn to increase focus on strategy and results, improve organizational performance by measuring what matters, align the work people do on a day-to-day basis with strategy, focus on the drivers of future performance, improve communication of the organization's Vision and Strategy, and prioritize in tough economic times.
Alan Fell

Alan is a Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Associate and a UK-based management consultant and trainer who has focused his last 17 years’ experience on the Balanced Scorecard and its practical application within strategy execution programmes.

After a successful career with a major London-based bank, Alan began a second career as an independent consultant/ trainer in 1996, having already achieved 3 years’ experience of leading an early BSC programme within his former bank. As Alan describes it – “when we started the BSC in 1993 there were no consultants, trainers, text-books nor conferences on the subject. We just had the initial Harvard papers and a lot of initiative and enthusiasm. It’s a great way to learn.”

One of Alan’s special areas of interest is applying the BSC to SME organisations – requiring a streamlined, timely and practical approach compared to text-book major project case studies.

Alan is often described as bringing a pragmatic no-nonsense approach to his consulting and training assignments. He has a particular interest in ensuring that organisations make best use of their scorecards.

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