The business environment has changed. In the past, it was made up of a series of 'expert' business functions, which kept to their own disciplines and had little understanding of the complete picture. In an age where cross-functional working and relationship management have taken to the fore, it is essential for all business managers to gain a general approach as well as that of their individual disciplines.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop an understanding of business fundamentals. It is designed for those individuals who wish to gain the business skills provided by a traditional MBA programme without incurring the time and cost necessary to undertake a full MBA programme.

It is ideal for all current managers and those aspiring to become managers. It works well in all business types and also can offer essential skills for the budding entrepreneur, as well as well-seasoned executives.

Sanjeev Loomba
Management Speaker/Strategy Facilitator/Executive Coach

Transforming mindsets, shaping businesses and people to success

Making organisations and people succeed in these key areas:

  • Strategic business growth – Being distinguished in the market through Value Leadership – beyond differentiation
  • Building ‘Trust Capital’ with customers
  • Winning business through value obsession
  • Unification of teams – true collaboration – post merger/ acquisition or during change
  • Exceptional people performance – inspirational ‘value leadership’ of people
  • Self-leadership – Mind-managed leader; full personal potential realisation

Winner of the UK National Training Awards 2009 for achieving high return on investment from training. Founder and Principal at The Real Potential, Sanjeev’s knowledge and inspirational approach has helped thousands of managers and professionals to capitalise on their talents and achieve best of self and business performance, from blue chips to SMEs. The powerful combination of an insight into people’s EQ, as well as business management helps him to achieve transformational shifts in mindsets, performance, personal and business success. Having turned around companies from different sectors to growth and success, he puts people at the centre of success, giving them both, the business toolkit as well as the feeling and passion for it.

His vision – Training is only as good as the results it brings – it’s not just academic, its real! His mastery of strategy, marketing, sales, finance, leadership and communication brings a ‘holistic’ and complete development of people.

Examples: EBIDTA shift of 27% in 18 months for RR Donnely Europe; Measured behaviour shifts of senior management at Cognizant of over 35%; Over 550% ROI on training at QBE Insurance.

Sanjeev’s strongest asset is his deep commitment to people and intense capacity to listen and relate. With the use of personal profiling, practical models, simulations and engaging conversations, he enables people to open up, commit to change and feel supported in making the transition.

An MBA from Cranfield, accountant and finance graduate, Sanjeev has had honed his coaching and training talent during his management career in multinational corporations as Director of Finance, Marketing, Strategy and as CEO in industrials, IT and service companies based from various worldwide locations. Prior to embarking on his passion with The Real Potential he was CEO of a Europe-wide IT software and solutions company, EC Soft, based out of Paris. He grew it to a 4000-man operation with significant success.